Publication of articles on website – terms and conditions

RANGE OF ARTICLES’ TOPICS is a web site publishing articles that present the development of the energy sector and the latest trends in this industry. Thus, materials submitted for publication must refer to one of the following topics:

  1. trends in the energy sector in the world,
  2. trends in the energy sector in Poland,

split by the following categories:

  • energy sector,
  • clean air,
  • electromobility,
  • environment protection,
  • waste disposal,
  • curiosities and titbits.

The author may suggest our editors which section they would like to put their publication in, however, the decision to classify the text into individual sections is up to the editors. The articles may not contain content of a commercial or advertising nature. They should be formulated as expert, problem-focused or informational texts.

You are welcome to send your articles, however, we do not guarantee we will publish them. Our editorial office does not return the submitted materials. Articles and other materials are published free of charge. The editorial office reserves the right to cut and edit the submitted texts and also return them to their authors for corrections and supplementations. The editorial office also reserves the right to refuse to publish a submitted material at its sole discretion.


Below are specified formal prerequisites for accepting an article by the editorial office for publication. If an article does not fulfil these prerequisites, the editorial office shall have the right, at its own discretion, to return the article to the author for correction or to refuse to publish it.

Address to which you should send your articles

Articles and other materials for publishing shall be emailed to: Sending your article to the editorial office shall be deemed your consent to publish it.

Language of articles is a two-language web site. The office accepts articles in Polish and English. If articles are not submitted in both language versions, the editorial office reserves the right to contract a translator to translate the Polish text into English or vice versa and to publish such a translation with the author’s name stated. The office bears no liability for any inconsistencies or errors of the translator.

Author’s name and role

When sending an article, specify the author’s full first name and last name as well as their scientific or professional position (a full name of the university, school or institution, the academic degree or occupied position, the department, faculty, a brief bio).

Author’s photo

The authors shall enclose their portrait photos, which may be published along with the articles. The photos should be sent in high resolution. The file names should contain the authors’ first and last names.


We publish only original texts, never before published on any other web site or in sectoral press. They may, however, constitute summaries of or references to previously published research or work.

Format of article

The article must be submitted in an electronic form, as an editable document in the .doc format and additionally, in a non-editable pdf format. The recommended font is Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5 and standard margins 2.5 cm on each side.

Length of article

The editorial office shall accept articles of 2,500 to 5,000 characters with spaces. The editorial office reserves the right to cut and edit the submitted texts.

Header/ title of article

You are requested to give a concise title that precisely reflects the core concept of the article. The editorial office reserves the right to alter the title.


The article should contain an introductory paragraph which announces the topic of the given article. The editorial office reserves the right to alter the lead.

Article structure

You are recommended to use indents and to orderly arrange threads in individual sections.



You are requested to specify, below the text, the sources of the data included in the text. Scientific texts with data figures, referring to opinions but not containing references to sources shall not be published.

Additional materials

Illustrations, tables, charts, photos, if any, should be properly described and specified and must be submitted in good resolution. A prerequisite for publishing photos is to attach the author’s declaration of being the sole owner of copyrights to the photo, along with a consent to publish the photo at The editorial office hereby reserves the right to crop the photos.

Processing of personal data

Submitting your work along with your data to the editorial office’s address shall be deemed granting a express consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Polish Personal Data Protection Act of 29 Aug. 1997.

Declaration of uniqueness and copyrights

Along with the articles, their authors shall submit declarations stating that they agree to the publication of the submitted materials and that the materials have never been published before. They also transfer their copyrights to the texts and attached photos, if any, onto the editorial office of Web site and its editorial staff bear no liability, whatsoever, for any potential claims which may arise from the authors’ use of materials they had no copyrights to and bear no liability for the authenticity or inauthenticity of facts specified in the article.