Energy Industry Mixer, or about investment and innovation in energy sector

Optimising costs of electricity in industry, adjustment of the Polish infrastructure to RES power and investments into smart city solutions – these are some of the issues to be dealt with at the Energy Industry Mixer event in Wrocław this March. Scheduled for 19 March 2019, the meeting of companies and experts from the energy sector will be both a forum for discussion about the energy policy and a place where Polish and international companies operating (or planning to start operating) in this sector may get together. Key energy market leaders (both from Poland and from Italy) have already declared their participation as well as representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, city hall, province and local government authorities.

As the event organizers explain, Energy Industry Mixer is actually a combination of two events important to the energy industry. “First, it is a business-networking initiative organized as a quick meeting, where companies operating in various segments of the market have an opportunity to view offers of potential contractors and make valuable business contacts. Such a formula makes the meeting participants not only view offers of multiple potential partners but also easily obtain extra information, ask questions and compare proposals of various companies”, says Fabrizio Bosetti, founder of Bosetti Global Consulting, which is the main organiser of the event.

The other component of the Energy Industry Mixer is the science part, where the participants attend lectures and take part in a series of discussion panels about key current energy issues. The agenda provides for 4 panels about cost optimisation in the industry, adjustment of Poland’s energy infrastructure to renewable energy sources, generation of electricity as well as networks and distribution, today and in the future, and finally, smart city solutions.

“Our energy sector is standing on the brink of huge changes, not only as it needs to accomplish the EU-set target of 15 per cent of RES power by 2020. Renewable energy, which will be discussed during one of the discussion panels, also addresses challenges faced by today’s energy industry. Modern solar and wind energy solutions also respond to people’s growing expectations of cutting air pollution. This is why it is important to seek more optimal solutions for our energy sector”, explains Prof. Zbigniew Gnutek, PhD. Eng., dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

This is no coincidence that multiple companies from Italy are coming to the event. Italy is Europe’s RES power leader, and therefore, making contacts with Italian partners may turn out to be very beneficial to the Polish firms. Italy is also the event’s formal partner.

“Corporate meetings organized in the business mixer formula is an opportunity to make new business contacts and build cooperation networks among companies. It is also an occasion for building relations between the public and private sectors, as they are extraordinarily important also in the energy sector”, adds Cezary Przybylski, Marshal of Dolnośląskie voivodeship. “Challenges faced by local governments, both the cohesion policy within the target of more environment-friendly, low-emission Europe, the energy policy of the state and the necessity to ensure energy security as well as an appropriate quality of local environment make local governments expect good, innovative solutions developed by the business sector. RES development, enhanced energy efficiency, smart energy management systems, elimination of energy poverty as ways of fighting smog are only some of the issues on which companies and the public sector need to cooperate. A good example is to formalize cooperation in energy clusters. The region of Lower Silesia is home to 7 such local bottom-up initiatives certified by the Energy Ministry. Entities cooperating within those initiatives include electric utilities, energy producers and consumers, manufacturers of energy devices and systems, local government units”, adds Cezary Przybylski.

It is also no coincidence that the Energy Industry Mixer event will be held in Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesia boasts multiple successfully accomplished smart city projects. At the event, City Hall representatives will present five new investment projects which the city of Wrocław is going to accomplish by 2021 in order to develop the areas of e-mobility; smart city infrastructure (transportation, lighting and telephony), smart grids and smart meters (digital solutions) and cutting air pollution.

Energy Industry Mixer will be held on 19 March in the Conference Centre at the City Stadium in Wrocław.

The event is co-organised by Wałbrzyska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna „INVEST-PARK” sp. z o.o. (Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone) and Energemini Polska Sp. z o.o., while its partners include: Industrial Development Agency (ARP S.A.), Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, Economic Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection  (IGEOS), Polish Economic Chamber of Electrotechnics, National Chamber of Commerce (KIG), Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies (DISE), Wrocław University of Science and Technology, CAMT Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Polish Embassy in Rome, Stadium Wrocław, Economic Society Polish Power Plants (TGPE), Polish Association of Power Certification (PTCE), SHE Association of Polish Electrotechnics Distribution Employers, Smart Power Grids-Polska Consortium, Smart City Wrocław, Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The honorary patrons of the event are: Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Marshall of Dolnośląskie Voivodeship and Voivode of Dolnośląskie Voivodeship.

For more information about Energy Industry Mixer go to energymixer.eu/pl